Life Without My Dogs Scares Me

I am disabled and spend most of my time at home. If I go somewhere it is usually just to get groceries or go to the doctor. I have two dogs, Hope, my 7 year old Boston Terrier and Zoe, my 1 year old Chihuahua. These 2 are not only my best friends, they are also my sanity! I talk to them, laugh with them, cry with them, watch tv with, you name it and when I am without them I feel lonely and guilty about leaving them home alone. I know that they depend on me and that their world revolves around me, but that is okay because I depend on them and my world also revolves around them . . . it is the prefect relationship!
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1 Response Jun 29, 2012

I feel you on this. As I write this my dog is licking the tears that escape my eyes. I have more than one dog as well but this one is my constant companion. He doesn't leave my side unless it is to go somewhere dogs aren't allowed.

It is good to know I am not alone. I am also very happy for you that you can experience that love, also. I am sorry that you are upset and crying . . . if you ever want to talk to a person you can contact me.