My Dog Is My Best Friend.

My dog Odie is very special little dog. He is my best friend and Angel. He is so sweet and loving. There is a story behind him. Like to share with y'all. Why he is so special. Well here it goes. He came to us two Wks before my dad passed away in 2004. It was Mother's Day 2004. My mom came back from getting groceries. While she was at her car here comes this little white dog come up to her and followed her in the house and went straight to my dad in the den where he was sitting at in his chair. He wouldn't leave my dad either. So I went to help my mom bring the groceries in. We asked around that day if anyone lost a dog no one came and said the dog was their's so we keeped him. Then two weeks later my dad passed away. I tell everyone that my dad and God had brought my dog Odie to us before my dad passed to help us heal. That's why he is so special and our Angel. We still have him from this day. He is a sweet and loving dog. If anything happened to him, I know I'll be lost and heart broken and so will this family. He is so spoiled. He is a little dog. He is so cute. He is a maltise. I will have to put a pick of him up soon on here. I just wanted to say that dog's are your best friend's. The best friend's you will ever find. I love my dog so much. Just wanted to share this with y'all. Hope you enjoyed.
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1 Response Jul 23, 2012

I love your story, God rest your Dear Dad. I have great respect for animal lovers as i am one also