Losing A Beloved Pet.

Our beloved dog, Pepsicola was put to sleep yesterday. Pepsi was with us 16yrs, (18yrs old) after finding her on the street here in Spain. Pepsi also had cancer, tumour in the lung and Heart was failing fast. It all seemed to come on so soon. She was in a little pain yesterday, yet the vet told us her tumour could burst at any time and would be extremely painful. We thought that it was best to have her go with some dignity and very little pain, rather than have her tumour burst in the night and be in pain whilst waiting for the vet. We never will forget our loved ones ever, God bless u all. I really know how it feels, I miss her so much, I`m scared without her.

Night Night Pepsi.
I know you wouldn`t want me to cry for you,
Yet right at this moment that`s all I want to do,
I constantly look over to where you laid,
And hope to you in full our debts were paid.

I`m left with wonderment of what you are doing ?
I hope that the angels can put up with your chewing.
Cleaning is really what I should do,
But I don`t want to wash away what`s left of the physical you.

Pepsi princess you will always be in my heart.
I know there`s a cord between us we`ll never be apart.
I will still do our walks, and think of you at tea,
Dishing up for two is never as good as three.

You are loved by so many, on Facebook I see,
Profile pictures and status` remarks are all about Pepsi.
Touching so many lives, and bringing people together
Remembering our Barranco days in the sunny weather.

I try to remember the feel of your little nudge,
Cold wet nose just wanting to be loved.
When I cried you were always there,
Nudging my arm with that loving stare.

I put you to sleep, as you said to me,
I love you too mummy you`ve been good to me.
We never had a pacific song,
Yet one sticks in my mind now your gone.

Away to the angels running free,
Go enjoy your your runs and shcmachos but remember me,
I will need you to greet me when I get up to you.
You can show me all the nice things that we will get to do.

Night night my baby I will say for now.
To carry on without you, right now I don`t know how.
I will try as I know you wouldn`t like to see me this way.
Remember I love you and will think of you everyday.

Emma Leigh.
In memory of my beautiful Pepsicola Leigh. 18yrs Closed her eyes 30/07/12 19.30 ♥ ♥
Emsie76 Emsie76
1 Response Jul 31, 2012

Hello Emsie, I know how desolated you feel, I had to have my beloved dog put to sleep as well, she was 16 years old,I posted my story here too.Do you think you will get another dog,I dont think I will, as much as I would like,I think we would always be comparing them.

Hi Jemmy, thank you for your reply. I`m sorry you also lost your furry baby. I miss Pepsi so much, I wrote that the day after she passed. It`s now 176 days today without her. It hurts like hell. I don`t just miss a dog, I miss Pepsi. I do look after my friends dogs, I have a little one here with me now, such a cutie, but I wouldn`t consider another dog, as you say, I think I would think of my Pepsi and compare even though I know I shouldn`t.
I`ll go scout about for your story.
Take care Jemmy. (And whoever else reads the post)
God Bless you all.