When My Depression Is At Its Worst My Dogs Are There

I just had foot surgery and was lying around in bed feeling sorry for my self. I was in bed all most 24 hrs a day for 3 weeks. My 2 dogs spent most of that time lying cuddled up to me. They do understand our moods. They can feel when we are sad and blue. I had to go back on a med. I tried to go off to save some money. But after me 3 weeks of hell with just my 2 legged friends to support me I went back on my Abilify. I would live in my car than to give up my dogs and cats. I do not understand how some one could give up their beloved animal friend of 10 years or 12 years ? They are what keeps me going when my depression is so bad I do not want to see anyone. My husband is under standing but the dogs are just differnt.

kjdpetlover kjdpetlover
Feb 9, 2009