In My Experience It's Not A Question- It Is The Real Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That picture brings tears to my eyes. Less than 2 yrs. ago, my beloved Bichon had to be put to sleep in his 17th yr. He had developoed Cushing's disease for nearly 4 yrs., yet was my BFF from 13 wks. of life. He saw me through about 6 surgeries, includsing my spinal cord surgery. There was no way of knowing if I would be able to sit, walk or even survive. I did thanks to him. He knew where I hurt the most just by looking into my eyes. He went crazy while I spent over 6 wks. in 2 different hosp's. He had not been to the groomer and looked like a rastafarian, all his hair had grown and knotted into corkscrews. It was the worst snow we had had in my area in decades! He was a foot to the shoulder, bred for temperment, not show. He was a gift from my late Dad for my b'day. He would "spoon" my back, watch over me, just blanket me with love, while I endured 3 yrs. in bed. That was torture!!! He was just fine about it. I would actually have to order him to go out, he didn't want to part . He would get someone when I needed them , all I had to do was tell him. My sched. turned into his, sleep daytime, lay awake at night. When I would have the TV on or other light and he wanted sleep, he actually covered his eyes with both paws nand gave me a look, like "give me a break" He then gave my nose a kiss "eskimo kiss" If I asked for one, bingo. He high-fived, shook and I called him my "white shadow". The vet called, told me he was going into seizures, fever of 105, as a former nurse knew he was sufferring, beside my grief, his comfort was my priority. I got there in about 20 mins. Lost ability to drive @ 2 1/2 yrs. ago, ride arrived and I held him in a blanket, crying, singing his fav. Irish lullaby, just held tight for @1 1/2 hrs. I couldn't let go. The Vet, good friend cried bringing /taking, paid for marble urn , brass plaque etc... He was my 2nd canine BFF. First saw me through @ 16 surgeries, not spinal, variety. She was an Eng. Springer Spaniel who also knew what to do without utterring a word. Was present at her final visit to Vet, held her, kissed my nose immediately before head dropped!!! What else to say?????????

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I'm starting to agree

I have been present for 3 of my dogs over the years to be with them for their final moments and one of my cats. I am glad I was with them telling them I loved them while looking into their beautiful faces. What a peaceful way to go it is too bad we humans cant exit life like that.

Thanks for the support! I'e had two great pals' both surpassed most humans I've known. Their uconditional love is the most unselfish,loving gesture witnessed.