I Will Give My Opinion Soon....

...as soon as she consider myself a friend and add me :-)

I have no doubt she's beautiful and hot, but I'm not her friend yet and I`m praying for her to consider adding me to her circle. I've seen she's an active member of EP and I'm just getting started, but I hope that wont be a problem :-( 

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8 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I hope you're getting better with everything Wolve :)

Hi Dolly, you know after my exp with Bonnie I'm affraid to add super popular girls like you, I got the feeling that maybe I wont be considered worthy you know? I've read some posts about people who don't want to be in touch with "perverts" and "freaks" and all that stuff and I really think they have the right to select who they add or not...so I was trying go slow with you, leave you some comments and maybe that way you would know who I am once I add you...<br />
<br />
Striker: I`m pretty sure she's awesome, that's why I wrote this story!

Im sorry to hear that you have a heart broken .. and I wonder if you've ever added me to your circle?

You know Ally, the one who's getting me crazy is Bonnie, we finally got in touch thru a story I wrote about her, and she replied...she even made me change my avatar!!! as a condition for unblocking me...I`m broken hearted by her...but still she's not unblocking me...I guess I must forget this issue.

Nope! not yet but exchanged some comments and stuff...maybe soon.

So, are you friends yet?

Thnx for the support!

Im sure you two will be good friends :-)