Its Just For Fun Really

Since the other guy had mentioned that he never saw dolphin write a novel and they are over rated I would like to mention that I never saw a human communicating via SONAR, some say humans are over rated huh?




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Yep i have always though dolphins as cute! Hehe an now you got me imagining, well you can guess what! ;) ;P<br />
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Hehe ;P

Oh I thought you were going to right about the Miami Dolphins. I love the mammal dolphins and they are so beautiful. I like to swim with them and have many times. I think they are beautiful and majestic animals and scientists have proven that they are intelligent. <br />
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PS: I am so glad you are calling wm "mum" because I was about to cry lol.

Thanks mum! :)

Good job son.

Hehe wicked! :P

Hehe didnt mean to slam you up! =P