She Loves The Pain..

    I really feel like I fell into a totally amazing situation! A long time, though casual friend of mine, asked me one night on the internet if I was "kinky". She knew that I was very sexually active and that she wasn't. She and I had never been intimate. Our discussion went along some interesting lines and it found it's way into the realm of SUB/DOM and S&M.  This quiet little mouse of a friend turned out to have some of the most burning, unfulfilled needs of any woman I have ever met. I've enjoyed being a dominant lover and enjoy the rough stuff with my partners , but never to the level she needs and wants! Our little trysts have turned into an exotic walk on the pain fetish side! She absolutely thrives on beatings and whippings and even more "out there" events. She craves humiliation and degradation.. but always comes back to the intense pain.
   I have absolutely no problem fulfilling her needs... but I must admit it has taken me by surprise. I never knew I would enjoy it so much.. and I never knew somebody could take so much pleasure in their own pain. I have yet to find a limit for her. Now we want to start exploring sharing her with others who find this attractive! I am wondering how common this can't be a very usual situation..most folks couldn't stand up to the pain and many others wouldn't enjoy inflicting it!!!!  I am a married guy whose wife is only marginally into sub/dom/pain.. more of a "playtime" actor...but my sub has taken me to a whole new place...and ya know what???  I love it...

    I'd love some feedback from both sides of the situation..givers and takers...what a great ride this is...
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You are so right. Recently we have kicked our explorations up waaaaaaay beyong anything I was anticipating. When it was all said and done..the look on her face and the way she bonded to me was magical. People are often stunned when they achieve something they never thought they could achieve.

This is similar to how I felt when I my current GF/sub. Exploring the limits of a sub who is heavily aroused by pain and degradation can bring the two of you very close, and there is nothing like watching a sub react when you push their limits farther than ever before.

As our relationship continues to grow it becomes even more intense and amazing! My mouse has been subjected to some pretty amazing scenarios and keeps begging for more. I have been developing some relationships on this forum and some of my other ones with people in similar situations. We have discussed the emotional aspects and even shared some bondage/pain "tips". I think this is a great idea and encourage anyone to add to the experience. I want to find an opportunity to share my sub with some other people in the lifestyle and am actively looking for new "friends"..both subs that are looking for a new connection and a dom that would like to share some training with my sub. I can see that sharing this lifestyle with like minded people could enhance it tremendously!!

I understand your excitement at seeing your wife come out so to you said it was no secret but the level has increased and your both surprised with excitement....At least you are..For us it was my G/F's fantasies of being controlled in the bedroom and the verbal is so much a part of making it a exhilarating experience...thanks for the post and all i can say is i also have been surprised as to the level of intensity...and the way the bar has been raised....I must admit to a large degree so is she!