Women Need To Be Taught To Respect And Obey

Women need to be taught and forced to respect and obey their father and later their husband as their masters and owners, second only to GOD in rank in her estimation. I am not joking and in my world women are reminded of this fact. The idea of "equality" is make believe and sickness and I despise it to the core of my soul.
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Look kids, Ep doesnt yet have the tech savvy to guide me to your comments so anything new you want to say to me, please just make a new comment so it's at the top, that will help me find it, I thank you.

Yes I believe this to because Master owns me I can't do anything I have al the stresses off me but I get my punishment I have to accept I can't run away, I can't visit family I have to accept he will do what he wants with me and there is nothing I can do about it.

I believe it is ever mans duty to be fair and considerate too, I hope your Master is.

Yes hun he does

I will just ignore what you say because it is not important and not worth commenting on, BUT i seriously do hope that the women in your life are safe and healthy because I fear that you would be very abusive.

That is very insulting of you to say, but I know that you can't help but make such assumptions because you are like so many others that have been taught to be presumptuous and mindlessly reactionary.

If I had to guess, I'd say the author is an embittered MRA (and quite possibly very socially conservative and hyper-religious in nature) with a fairly shaky sense of self-worth that needs to be propped up with the notion that he is better than others because of a random chance of birth. No different really than the white race realists I've met that insist that being born with their genetic code makes them genetically superior to every other race or insane nationalists that can't seem to shake the antiquated tribalism mentality which gives them a sense of specialness. *sigh* It's after reading stories like this that I have even less faith in the human race's ability to sustain itself for much longer and I was a misanthrope to begin with.

Your opinion has a bad smell to it, I find it offensive.

Good grief Sir, First off, i am a masochist and Master is this ones (OTHER HALF). No, relationship will last if there is no respect and trust. This one only agrees to do what she does with Master because she trusts Master. Master respects me and i trust Master. Any relationship works because it is about both, not about one. Yes, i obey Master, but if something occurs i will tell Master and i know He will not be selfish as He knows it is about respect and trust. Hence, Master listens and respects too. By no means do i feel i have to obey every single thing Master requests. i do it because i want to and the communication is open. Master would never force this one to do anything she does not wish to do. After all it is about both of us, not just one.

I speak truth, accept it if you can.

Okay, I could "guess" middle East.. but I won't. No matter where your beliefs come from, i truly believe that they belong in a fanatical religious group, not one devoted to sexual life choices... certainly not one ba<x>sed on a country with DIFFERENT BELIEF SYSTEMS.<br />
<br />
Your whole idea that you are this dominant person is laughable!! There is a difference between a dominant person and one who desires to be.... and you are NOT a dominate person. <br />
<br />
I certainly do not feel the need to bow at your feet, and I do NOT fear your god or your beliefs... quoting such things just goes through one ear and out of the other. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR RELIGION IN THIS ROOM!<br />
<br />
<br />
Go to a religious room and you may just gleen more of the type of conversation that you desire.<br />
<br />
Now... back to doing what I want as a woman of power... CHOOSING to do as I please... submissively on my own of course, LOL

Your opinion has been noted and disregarded, feel free to post more, perhaps sometime I may read them aloud as an example of how not to think and communicate. I do hope things will improve for you. Take care.

YOU SERIOUSLY DISGUST ME!!! Seriously. grow up and look around you and at the world you live in. In my country, the last two presidents have BOTH been women and without them we would stil be an economical wreck. ALL of the male presidents before them messed things up and were lazy but those women were simply inspirational and amazing. This may be YOUR OPINION, but that doesnt mean EVERYONE feels that way. Get out of your shell and look at the world around you

Presidents are fingerpuppets doll, they do what the males who really rule the world tel them to do. As for your insults toward myself, you are a child scolding an adult. What little intelligence you do have just gets you into more trouble. one day when the lack of estrogen gives you a mustache and a clearer head, you may begin to understand where you went wrong in your youth. Toodles.

I clearly haven't 'gone wrong'. That seems a silly thing to say.. Having my own opinion doesn't mean I'm wrong, it means I'm different to you. You're very condescending you know. I am not a child, I will be 15th on the 17th of this month. And as for what you said about presidents, Mary Robinson worked her way in to the UN to become High Commissioner and she changed everything. Even the people as big as Barack Obama have massive, massive respect for her.

Having an opinion doesn't make one wrong, having an incorrect opinion does. I am impressed with your intellect for a 15 year old, but there are many things that you were told that are completely backwards. To understand the present you must understand the past, and you must seek information from sources other than the government indoctrination centers known as public schools. The United Nations was set up by a group of people who were responsible for provoking and funding the wars that convinced nations it was needed. The people who work for the united nations at the higher levels are complicit in a conspiracy to wipe out national sovereignty and set up a global nation which will be regulated in subsections. Not only are they guilty of treason against their own nations but it is much worse than that, the power and agenda behind globalism is openly satanic and has very effectively reversed the morality of the common people by seizing control of the major educational systems and the media. There are so many things you need to read if you want to understand the truth about things today, one of them is a book called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. If you read this book it describes the intentions of the conspirators centuries ago, and looking around the world today you see that their plans have been successfully undertaken, reshaping the entire world. We are in the last stages of this plan and are approaching a time of extreme danger. Feminism, atheism, satanism, hedonism and many other -isms have been used as tools of social engineering, and are the antithesis of logic, morality and wholesomeness. Barack Obama is a globalist and socialist, I do not doubt that he has respect for most people who hold high positions in the U.N., they are his compatriot globalist fascists but decent people should see them for the true nature of their crimes. If someone tells you that the book I recommended is false, they are wrong and you should read it anyway, but if that gives you an excuse to ignore it, then there are hundreds of other books which can show you the truth, many of them written by the very people guilty of the crimes described therein. You have enough intelligence for your age, if you add to that facts and real wisdom then you could become my intellectual equal or more by the time you are my age, but if you just believe everything they tell you in school and in the media even if your I.Q. skyrockets, intelligence without truth is like a fast car without a steering wheel. Use your gifted brain and learn what is real, then you can talk to me about "equality" at least on the mental level. Here is a clue to get you started, the Rockefellers were instrumental in founding the United Nations and here is a quote from one of the rulers of the Rockefeller family: "We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."

- David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991

Learn what is going on and you will set yourself apart and above average.

I tripped back over here by accident and spotted the last few responses. I am going to change the direction of the initial post. That reads as such:<br />
"Women need to be taught and forced to respect and obey their father and later their husband as their masters and owners, second only to GOD in rank in her estimation. I am not joking and in my world women are reminded of this fact. The idea of "equality" is make believe and sickness and I despise it to the core of my soul."<br />
<br />
I have to question your historical knowledge on Native Americans and to which Nation you belong to after making this particular statement:<br />
"I am a native American who comes from a thousand generations of men who did not take sh*t from their women or anyone else. I am the real deal that all you pretenders are trying to pathetically imitate."<br />
<br />
Women were just as important to the tribes as men were. Native American women were given and treated with respect. They had power, independence, freedom and equality. Now in the past 150+ years or so, a lot of that has changed due to the white man's and Spaniard's influence, destruction, and degradation of the Native Americans within North America.<br />
<br />
I grew up with a Native American step-father in a Native American area that had several different Tribal Nations represented. He was a kind, strict father with all of us. I was treated no different than my brothers. He often spoke of how all the members within his community worked together and how no one person was less important than another whether they were male or female. I have found this to be true with specifically the Iroquois, Cherokee and Navajo Nations to name a few.<br />
<br />
I always sort of thought that this was where the statement "It takes a village to raise a child," came from.

Well said, Sunni.

Are you aware that there are over 500 tribes in North America? Your blanket statements dont cover many of them. Some natives had a veneer of being matriarchal, some tried to be more egalitarian and even democratic, many if not most were patriarchal and a few were extremely patriarchal and polygamist. Your step father represents his own way and perhaps some of the ways of his ancestors, fine, I represent my own.

And for the record I do not approve of the concept of it taking a village to raise a child either, that is not my way.

And I also just want to say to anyone who reads this, I regret saying cusswords in some of my posts.

I disagree with you on so many points, but that is not even the point is it? You are entitled to your opinion. So out of the unrecognized and recognized 699 Nations, which one do you belong to? Then maybe we can begin to understand your view better. The way one is raised is fundamental towards the adult they become. Or do you disagree with that as well?

I am my own person but I do have the instincts of the polygamist portion of the lushootseed and coastal salish people, now mind you, not all lushootseed or coastal salish were polygamist, most were slavers but only a few were polygamist, but I myself have been polygamist since before I even understood the concept of marriage or sex, I was in diapers when I just knew I was to have many women permanently attached to me in what I later learned to be a romantic marital way. Bottom line, though my blood runs hot with the call of the wild and such urges as tribalism and polygamy, even if I had not come from such a culture, such is how I am.

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sexist wrong you disgust me

Sexist right, truth disgusts you.

No... no no no no NO!

<br />
WTF are you on dude? <br />
<br />
Any time you wanna learn what D/s is, let us know.<br />
<br />
I HAVE to show this to my Dominant!

OMG!! Please let us know HIS reaction to it Cel!

I've emailed him the link and a screen shot in case this gets deleted. I can't wait to know his reaction!

Me too! HAHAHA!
And the less than comical part on all this is that you only hear about these types after they have been arrested for serial rapes and/or murders... *sigh*

Actually, believe it or not you'll usually find that many of these "types" are gutless wonders who's courage only extends to posting on sites like this. When it comes to RL, the vast majority of men holding this type of belief are too scared to speak to, let alone do anything with a woman. Of course, there are the rapists and murderers in this world but those don't usually bother posting stuff like this. They're too busy committing the act. Sad, but true.

Agree with you 110% Cel.

Your "dominant"? Do you know what 'dominance' means? It means superior force imposing itself, bidden or not, it does not mean nauseating little headgames, childish terminology, slap and tickle games and play acting. Men are superior to women whether either gender acknowledges it or not and women are immediately dependent on what men do or do not do at all times. So disrespect your superiors and pollute the atmosphere with your opinions and while your at it be sure to be ungrateful for the legions brainwashed 'white knight' manginas that keep you in your underdeveloped dreamland by protecting you from the character building and just consequences of your insolence and stupidity. No need to reply, anything you say is more likely than a losing lottery ticket to be incorrect and offensive anyway.

Genuinely, are you a comedian?

Aww did we hit a nerve to dare question your disillusioned thoughts on Dominance and how it actually works within D/s dearie? Excuse me now, I need to book the violins for the sonata!

You are a very slanderous person, rape and murder are things I hate and would not even consider doing. Even your big mouth only makes me wish disciplinary discomfort and shame upon you, not rape or death. You don't know my type, my type are the type your great great great grandparents probably were. The type that carried humanity on their backs and forged the wilderness into a soft easy home where their great great great grandchildren could lose touch with reality.

You are so busy trying to poke me into a pigeon hole you that fits somewhere into your artificial world view that you have no idea at all what kind of a man I am.

You mean when I want to learn what game of "D/s" you and your "dominant" agree to play together. I am not interested, I live in the real world, if a woman wants to be with me, she submits, if she doesnt submit, I reject her. If people disrespect me in real life as they do here on EP I let them know that there are consequences for such behavior. I try very hard to turn the other cheek, but I think there is a time when 'sparing the rod' is more wrong. You and your kind play a game, I have watched that game develop over the last few decades as D/s went from the household norm to a fringe element of society and then into a bigger more accepted fringe group as it is today. I watched as the people learned to use bulletin boards and chatrooms and "dungeon" clubs and how weak minded role players molded your little culture. You get this, I am not a part of your little scene, I am not some douche calling himself *dragonfireswordgentleroughdaddydom* in a gorean chatroom. I am a native American who comes from a thousand generations of men who did not take sh*t from their women or anyone else. I am the real deal that all you pretenders are trying to pathetically imitate. You run your spoiled mouth and offer me instructions on being what you deem "dominant" I will tell you what real dominance is: force. Force of mind, force of body, force of will, force of justice. Force. I have a code of conduct that allows me to feel justified in using my force, but I definitely and unashamedly use it. And THAT is true dominance. And btw, in real life I am the boss of my domain, I don't have to ask permission and there are no safe words, but those who render me my due submission do so happily because in spite of all this sub-human 3rd grade slander I get here online, I am an honorable and caring man for those who have the decency to find that out.

I still fear he is dangerous. His delusions of grandiosity is amazing.

I do sincerely hope we are wrong about you. I pray you love those beautiful, kind and patient souls whom accept you despite your very apparant hatefulness and misogny. I pray you see their submission as a gift and not as an entitlement. Please read up on D/s lifestyle, the Doms love and respect the subs gift, they cherish the gift, they earn the gift, and the gift can be removed and that must be respected.

I really can't help but wonder if he is a warped kidnapper who grabs little girls and keeps them in the equivalent of a dungeon, insisting that they submit and have sex with him, and obey his demands, or he will starve and punish them in any way he can until their minds turn into mush.

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I am not feeling generous or compassionate.<br />
Bless you for trying RedRubies.<br />
<br />
WoodsmanKayl, what you are describing is not Dominance and submission in the context it is meant to be discussed in this group.<br />
Perhaps you were looking for a group ba<x>sed off the book "The Good Wife Guide".<br />
<br />
Good Luck with that.<br />
<br />
Or maybe you posted this simply to get a rise out of us all. Either way, EPIC FAIL for me.

Your opinion means less to me than what I sometimes scrape off my shoes. This is, nay, I am, the essence of true Dominance, attempts to alter it by weak minded passive-aggressive betas work only to motivate, encourage and make distinct Men such as myself. It's called "topping from the bottom" and it is pathetic dishonorable behavior.

No such thing as 'true domiannce', keep lying to yourself.

You might want to investigate a little more. Anyone who does not accept your less knowledgable thoughts on the subject that is NOT 'yours' is not considered 'Topping from the bottom'. It is called voicing an opinion...

Apparently you care somewhere in that itty bitty shriveled up thing you call a brain or you never would have given any of us LADIES the time of day by responding.

That translates to WE WIN, you LOSE...
Wanna try for 3?

"No such thing as 'true dominance'" How can you make a statement like that and look at yourself in the mirror. If there were no such thing as true dominance then the police could never protect you from a criminal, a government could never be lead, a parent could never protect a child, no one could ever impose their will on another ever at all. You are living in a fantasy world which is the luxury of decadence. If you had to live in a less rich and increadably spoiled society, your illusions would fall quickly. America will be a 3rd world nation soon though, then people like you can struggle to maintain your daydreams while the hunger sets in and the danger stalks you.

And when i referred to "topping from the bottom" it had specifically to do with what that commenter had originally written to me, I know the difference between offering worthless idiotic opinions and 'topping from the bottom' I do not need you to 'correct' me. You run a big mouth, but only because you are sheltered.

True dominance exists when a young girl has been kidnapped and brainwashed into accepting that she must be a completely submissive slave or she and her family will suffer severely. Ever read "Perfect Victim : The True Story of 'The Girl in the Box'" http://www.paperbackswap.com/Perfect-Victim-True-Story-Girl/book/0440204429/. If not you should. She was the victim of "true dominance" and I wouldn't doubt that the guy who kidnapped that girl was just like this guy and had the same warped view of life and the world.

Yep, that is true dominance and so is the force used to rescue people like that. Your arguments are facile and insulting, I will try to forgive you, do try to improve your character.

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*Slow clap*<br />
<br />
With that, BeauGuillaume, I humbly submit to You with all that I have. I am on my knees before You, only sorry that it will not be enough. Perhaps, though, You can remind me of this on a daily basis. I await Your instruction.<br />
<br />
Your ignorant ****,<br />
<br />

They are many. Get a good night's sleep each evening...

Ok, I'll wade in. <br />
<br />
Where to start, where to start...<br />
<br />
I have glanced through the threads of some of your other stories, and as I am feeling generous with my time today, I will attempt a reply. I will post here, as this EP experience holds relevance to me. Though, obviously, I realize anything I have to say as a woman won't really matter.<br />
<br />
First off, I am truly sorry for whatever happened to you that made you dislike women so much. How it must torture you to long for and despise the same thing simultaneously. I say this with genuine compassion.<br />
<br />
My compassion, however, is not without limits. Some of your quotes:<br />
<br />
"I do have to admit, I sometimes wish that you could all be here to say those things to me personally (all of us being unarmed and with no cops around to protect you)"<br />
<br />
You appear to be relatively intelligent, (then again, so was the Unabomber) so it pains me even more so to read your comments. I do not ob<x>ject to submitting, in fact, I am inclined to do so. However, my friend, submission by force must be the most unsatisfying feeling for a man. Yet you imply you will take it any way you can get it. Such submission is possible, but lacks any respect. <br />
<br />
I could never submit to a man I did not respect. (In fact, I'd wish you luck with that one; I have a pretty strong spirit.) On the flip side, I'd walk through fire with with the man I deemed worthy of such a gift.<br />
<br />
What of women's accomplishments and contributions to society throughout time in addition to bearing children?<br />
<br />
We have female rulers: Catherine de Medici, Catherine I of Russia, Mary, Queen of Scots. Women in politics: Indira Gandhi, Sandra Day O'Connor, Margaret Thatcher. Scientists: Margaret Mead, Madame Curie. Soldiers/spies: Joan of Arc, Mata Hari, and Harriet Tubman. Let us not also forget how women have featured prominently in religion: The Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mother Theresa. <br />
<br />
Lastly, "The purpose of a woman is to become a wife to a man and potentially a mother to that man's children."<br />
<br />
ba<x>sed on the above examples, I'd say women have a variety of contributions to make. How humbled I am to meet someone who knows what the purpose of another human being is. And here I thought this gift was God's alone...

Note that he 'editted' the original post since we all posted.

Ah, some quotes I used were from comments made in other threads in the author's stories if that's what you mean. I posted my comments under that particular thread as well :)

This looks a bit like a feminist-robot form letter and I do believe I addressed your confusion already in the past.

You are incorrect Woodsman. This is the first time I've had the delightful pleasure of corresponding with you. Feel free to address any of my questions at any time.

You must have a very short memory, you have been offering your opinions in my stories quite a bit.

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