When Your Ego Strikes Back

Egos are not for everybody, even if everybody has one. And it is not the submissive's job to feed the dominant's ego or vice versa.

When the ego is properly disposed of, when it's all about service and relationship and being in tune with each other, then it works. Then it is one of the healthiest relationships in which you can participate.

The rituals, the collars, the jewelry are all part of being proud of who you are. Being submissive means being proud. Being dominant means pride too. A healthy relationship works.

When the ego strikes back, its because of jealousy. The ego tries to sabotage the relationship, tries to tell you what is happening would mean more if you got selfish, fearful or hateful.

Keep love in your heart, repress the ego and live for the moment. Rituals keep you together. Rules and regulations that are agreed upon bind you.

Funny how life can work out. Voluntary bondage or servitude becomes your freedom. It is health.

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I love this, actually, Thanks!!