The Morning After.

The sunlight began its steady march across the floor in his room just as he awoke. The sheets were twisted and pulled away from the base of the bed. Glancing next to him he saw the perfect contours of her leg sticking out from under that same sheet. His mind immediately went back to last night and a smile crossed his face.

He reflected on the dinner that they had shared by candlelight, both pretending not to hurry through it in order to get to dessert. The eye contact that spoke more than any conversation could. The swift walk to the bedroom with the last bottle of wine. Hearing the jingle of her collar with each step she took. Directing each and every action she took for hours. Controlling her ascent and descent from pleasure, building each ****** on top of the other. The feeling of spent euphoria as he drifted off to sleep with her in his arms.

With that same smile plastered on his face, he rolled over and slipped the ropes back onto her wrists.
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Lucky lady ;-)


Ya right, for some reason I find it difficult to imagine you blushing.