There Is A Difference Beetween Spanking Your Wife, And Beating Her ***.

My wife laughs at me when i try to explain this to others as she knows the difference, and i know it, but some people don't understand, allow me to enlighten you. When my wife decides she is going to use foul language in our home or in front of our family, she gets spanked, usually over my knee, my hand, 10 or 15 swats, she cries a little we make up its over with life goes on........Then there is another side to our lifestyle, things that you don't put down in the rule book because you don't believe your wife is even capable of such an offense, for these things, things i get blindsided by, things that she lies about or hides from me, she gets her *** beat, there really is a major difference, in this instance i use my belt, she will try to fight me (to no avail) and shes usually a little mad at me for an hour or two, these punishments are few and far between, but im here to tell ya, when your wife has seemingly lost her mind, a belt seems to put things back in perspective, of course my wife knows that i would never discipline her unjustly, or try to find reasons etc. Thats not me, my dominance is purely to bring her best out of her, i do know whats best for her, she has made me believe that, so its my job to make sure that i remain consistent, firm, and just in my punishment as well as our everyday life. I give my wife every opportunity to talk with me about what is going to happen, on occasion she has changed my mind (twice in our marriage) I respect her more than any other human on the planet, what she says has validity, whether i agree or not is another story, but god love her she tries. Back on track i was recently asked how i could look at myself in the mirror knowing that i beat my wife, my answer is simply this, i dont have to look int he mirror the women that i am with leaves me with no insecurity what so ever, so i guess.....thats how
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Once again I have to say you remind me very much of my husband. At the moment Im waiting for an end of the night spanking. :/ Its a shame that we have to "hide" this kind of stuff from people who don't participate because they would just not understand, and as you said, probably would label my hubby a wife beater.... People just don't understand. When you have someone who cares for, and loves you unconditionally you just want to fully give yourself to them.