I Agree

After more then 2 decades involved with bdsm and D/s, it seems quite obvious that most people have a ying/yang personality:  some sub, some dom; some sadist, some masochist, some male, some female.  But most people, fearing that societal norms will disapprove, stay within clearly defined parameters.  But not me.  I know that the collar you feel can be stronger then the one you can actually touch, that words can be far more painful then any whip, and that yielding decision making to another is not a gift or a sign of weakness, but rather a commitment and recognition of logical roles.  I'd enjoy hearing the opinions of others and sharing thoughts.  Contact me here or at parkslopeluver@yahoo or aol

parkslopeluver parkslopeluver
61-65, M
Mar 4, 2010