Living And Learning

I like being in control so that is why and other things have maded me a Dom.....I had to first learn to control feelings, anger, fear and a few other things before I felt I was ready to learn how to be a Master...I sought out others who were Doms and watched, learned and was taught by them....the subs and pets I have met,  seems like they were more in a controlling and abusive rrelationship than the true BDSM lifestyle.......where mutal agreements are discussed and decided, but this varies....happier now than in twenty yrs of marriage........

PoppaBear53 PoppaBear53
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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

It is hard to control the emotions but that in my opinion s good Dom will know when to tell the difference, should be part of his emotional make up.....learning, watching, and being part of this lifestyle for almost forty years have seen many different types....see with me it is having control and watching a woman climax so many times she literally passes out.....the main thing is just be happy which it sounds like you are...........

Interesting. I'm not so sure my husband has learned to control his emotions so well. How did you learn this? He is definitely a very strong man but doesn't play the dom/sub games of role playing. For him, this isn't a sex game with toys and devices- it's real submission and obedience or punishment and discipline follows. But I have to agree that when I follow him, he is very satisfied and treats me like a princess and his happiness makes me happier and that makes the marriage stronger.