For Shame Dox!

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someone is SO JEALOUS! i'm surprised you didnt link me to this, you know i dont stalk, especially you.

Panty teef! Panty teef! who is this guy? He sounds Jamaican. Whats with the pot on his head? LMAO

lmao ive no feckin clue

who knows why doxtahsniffy ever does anything? A pot on his head is it really that surprising? its likely to keep a pot with him so if he has to poop he has a pot handy to put it in and make his jenkem.

ewwww bad visuals bad!

dude thats his shot glass


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o_o *Backs away*

And the weekend begins!!

yay for the weekend!

Oh dear...

Gross! Hahahahahahahahaha.

He's a bad, bad man.