She Mad At You Dox

Kittychanel Kittychanel
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I think she was mad..I didnt notice her boobs

Be careful when you follow me when Im in the land of Dente and Ediez lol

Because you're obviously a curious kitty like me but I don't want to lead you into an abyss!

lol its a scary place

Well some guys need that...must be something in the bedroom


thats why I red dotted it....that video is nasty they inflated a penis lol..yes I watched a bit before

an inflated what O_O?..

where ....lolz?

when the video finishes it shows other videos as is a penis

oh dear oh my

yes i did notice the penis. lol

did you see a penis at the end of movie in another movie?

lmao @ panty *****

I want my hair like that

u can do it! am sure

no way...its still short..Im dying it black have to have long hair for that...I dunno how they do those braids....

it takes hours at a salon if its your actual hair. Or you can buy the clip ons, or you can have them weave it in but that hurtssssss

I used to buy clip-on hair at kiosks in hawaii at the mall lol...look I have a long red ponytail! Hehe

they make the clip ons even better now. My friend got a few and it looks so natural and easy to put in.

this was like a huge clip you put on the back of your its supposed to look like you have a long pony tail hehe

ohhh ive seen those!

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