Shet Be Gettin Real... Dox Denies Factual Faxts

Just The Faxts:  I was looking for some funny pictures or videos but, instead I found these!!! Doxtahpanty?<---- there is no way that isn't you!

Finding the above led to me searching "DoxtahPanty" and then finding this:

Doxtahpanty "MMMMMMMM the past few day I've been fantasizing about a humant [sic] tolietpaper the thought turns me on so much ::takes shot::"

Lost    "where you been? MY *** on your face is where it's at ... Hit me up and you'll love what you sniff guranteed [sic]"

Chris    "Doxtah? There are alot of Jenkem drinking pEdo's on here, just like you"

Ean   " dextah [sic], hal and the rest of the boibutt riding buttsniffers,  Jenkem guzzling turdchewers"

Vivagalore Vivagalore
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Wow.. please never search me. Thank you.

I can not make promises.... but, I can promise that I only ever just do it for lulz

wtf? lmao

was just looking for funny panty sniffer photos to post and was trying all different word combo's then I stumbled on a gold mine!!!

the internet is a lovely place

there were worse things ... but, I didn't want to totally blow his cover on the "deep web"

Worse? *cringes*

Much Much will PM you with links

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oh ****, you're going all out now eh? i am flattered you would put so much effort into one... should i or should i noht go next level?.. hmmmmm..

A simple web-search and screenshots is Going all out? Hardly. You go to whatever level you want, YOU are such a internet tough guy ...if you need to try harder and get more serious by all means make yourself feel better. I was unaware that you had any other level than note taking and making "too much" non-sense... Maybe, when you are done with your REtard-HAB you can write more stuff so EP can just delete it? Will there be more threats of e-burying me??? LMAO

lmfao "internet tough guy".. HAHAHAH! im going back to ignore mode, obviously you have been stepped on by me, i'd be pissy also. i bet all you could think about was "how am i gonna get back at that bastard!" lmfao! im noht even gonna up anything. i already know how you work... i know ****... and i know it would be beyond mean. i'm juss a lil angel again =D hope you enjoyed your weekend dente! *hugs* =)

thanks for the hugs

thanks for the "story" noht gonna lie, it was clever and well made. ;D

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wtf? I know you're good but this stuff looks real..

I googled it and got nuthin O_o
I had some fun with google images...this has led to an issue with someone on here ::sigh::

Who knew Doxtah was a 80 year old married man!!!

what does fun with google images mean???

You go to and upload a photo and it shows you where else it has shown up on the I right an avatar and save it to my computer then upload it there..very useful

thats just a reverse image search!!

I just found out about it...I'm slow to find out things damnit!

it works better with adding email or names to the search with the picture

well for ep thats not I just search avatars

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