Ick! Dr. Feel!

One of the many things that irks me about Dr. Phil is the fact that I truly feel there's sexism at play. Dr. Phil loves to chuckle and state, in his annoyingly homespun folksy gee-shucks ("like a duck on a junebug!") kind of tone, that men are these innately devious freaks who care about nothing more than spreading their seed. He always claims that he knows all about men because he is one, men are all about getting in women's pants and don't know how to express love, their feelings, etc. He talks about how men speak a different "love language" (shudder) than women. He gets away with his smack talking because he is a man! And the women in his audience just eat it up. I feel like the only reason why he's even popular is because he's a man. Everything he says is so trite...but hey, it's a MAN talking about feelings, wooooow. Dr Phil can state the most obvious thing in the world, but he gets oohed and aaahed over because it's a man saying it. He can literally say things like "rape is bad, it's a terrible thing for a woman to go through" and the women in the audience get misty eyed and stand up and cheer. He reminds me of the man taking his baby out in a stroller that gets tons of admiration from strangers...oh wow a man with his baby, what a great dad (whereas women get no praise or attention from doing the same thing a zillion times.) Dr Phil is a master of stating the most obvious, but somehow people stay in rapt admiration that a man is saying the things he says.
Did anyone besides me have the misfortune of seeing his episode about the debate over our war in Afghanistan and Iraq? I'm assuming that everyone here probably (wisely) avoided it. As much as it pained me, I watched it. I knew the woman who he had on as the anti-war representative (and she did a terrible job) so I decided to tune in. It was such an absurd outrage....never mind our nation's great history of protest, our principles regarding liberty, our freedom to disagree. Dr. Phil interrupted and bullied and lectured, stating that if there was even the slightest chance of "hurting a soldier's feelings" or "confusing" them then that outweighs everything else (I'm not kidding.) Never mind that some of us support our troops by not wanting them TO DIE...a douche indeed!
Fiammetta Fiammetta
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.....but he sure knows how to make $$$$$$$$

Bravo! You nailed his reverse psychology chauvinism. And no, we men aren't just one-dimensional beings who want only sex from women. Good grief. I also admire your brave stand on the wars. You're so right. Some of us support the troops by wanting them back here at home, not fighting and dying in meaningless wars.

Well written assessment! ;-)

I do not watch his show. Obviously i have seen it a couple of times, but man that guy gets to me.<br />
I can't stand him.!!! Hence the reason i do not watch that show. :)<br />
He thinks he knows everything. And the other thing that bothers me, is that his license is not even<br />
valid int the state that his show is in.!!<br />
So how come he doesn't get it ????<br />
Cause he may not get it, cause he's a jerk ???<br />
lol<br />
Just my opinion..lol