Dr. Target And Attack

I dislike Dr. Phil greatly. Rather than helping BOTH parties, he chooses to help only one, while at the same time sparing his energy to absolutely embarrass, humiliate or annihilate the other party in the argument and subject them to the sneering faces of the audience?

I hate when people clap and or laugh after whatever he does. They all seem like stupid pawns in his game of, "Look at how much better I am than anyone else. I'm so smart." More like he is a good speaker and knows how to target and plan his attacks. I think that's why he even asks questions at all.

Would you ever go to a therapist that's got a little supportive side group cheering him on while he alienated and then viciously attacked one side of your problem? LOL. Yeah. That's really fixin' and helpin' a LOT of things there. It's just a really, really sophisticated 'Morry' or 'Springer' on the associate and doctorate level.
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Dr Phil is a good outlet for my hate. Have you ever noticed how it's always the older member eg mother or grandmother who can't say fast enough "i agree" in that revolting accent, whenever Dr P reverses his barrage (toned down a bit to pander to all the ***** varieties of mother or grandmother that he manages to find). They're happy to watch as he machetes his way through their kids but can't step aside fast enough to avoid a token slap on the wrist as evidence of his 'neutrality'.

It kills me that he made a workout book when he is anything but thin. Sort of like Oprah making money on her diet books.<br />
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You are right. There are many that would take what he says to heart without question. That's a tragedy.

It's nice to see others who feel the same. Such a huge problem about the media is the attraction it often gives to the weak and feeble minded who will simply agree with whatever a person says--as long as they have a doctorate... in attempts and best efforts to try to sound as knowledgeable as the one idolized.<br />
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It makes me a bit disgusted in general, this show, and how he makes his money with a bunch of mirrors and twisted words. Oh sigh. I sigh. : |

I have to agree. He seized upon his shtick fairly early on. Ranting and raving at one of the parties involved somehow bought him credibility. I don't get it at all. You are absolutely right. In any situation where there is a problem it is never just one person's fault and the way he handles it is deplorable. He simply beats down the people into submission. Great therapy? I think not. It's made him rich though....

it's smart tv and a gullible audience..have u seen the cue cards clap, when Phil enters<br />
what a setup