Dr. Phil Seems To Facilitate More Drama Than Solutions!

His so called '"families" get worse under his treatment.  First one then another gets addicted, hiding it from the one cleaning up!  I caught on to him after two or three show!  He is so phony I quit watching Oprah shortly after he appeared!  Some expert!  Where did he get his license? ... a cracker jack box!??!!
 He is the perfect definition of an expert!  An EX is a has been.... and a SPURT is a drip!
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Yeah, just saying the guy's a douche touches us in a visceral way. We know, we feel he's an ***, but what behaviors does he possess that truly outs him in the pantheon of d'bags?<br />
1) extreme narcissist- using the Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test (which you yourself should take before doing this)- I took the test as seen through the eyes Dr Phil- the persona he projects upon TV audiences. He scored a 23- that's a full blown narcissist. I only went with observations from watching his wretched show. Here's a typical Dr. Phil moment:<br />
we suffer through a story of a young girl who is using drugs beyond the pale; she picks at huge scabs on her face and literally makes no sense while high. etc. etc.<br />
Dr Phil brings her on stage- gone are the hideous flesh wounds- she looks 85%-90% back to self. Well this isn't about the obvious progress she's made, no, it's all about Dr Phil and do you really want to be in my Dr Phil house and if you try anything missy I will come after you until the end of time blah blah. <br />
What? He ignore the obvious just to hype his "house", fails to address any pertinent issues, and misses a huge point about addiction: it doesn't matter if God is chasing her down the street saying don't use- when an addict at that level wants to use, they will no matter what.<br />
But you see this real fact takes away from the story he wants to put out there, notably how he is THE MAN who will solve your problems. This little druggie is but chicken feed to the magnanimous powers that are at the essence of the Great One, Dr. Douchebag.<br />
In this way but not even properly addressing a disorder as per DSMV-IV TR he is a menace to society.

I would have to agree with you on this one he was a heath club owner first i think a bartender would make a better therapist!!

I agree!