This man typifies everything that is soulless and evil in the world of Women's television.

Not only does he take extreme pleasure (as well as a hefty paycheck) at the misfortune of his "guests," and give horrible, hackneyed advice that borders on condescending stupidity, but he also has disturbingly googly eyes and a very unkempt mustache.

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Do you want a person treating you who lacks compassion,shows obvious biast views,exploits his guests,bullys people in a weaker position, has no healing ability. Have you ever seen Dr Phill actually help anybody? Isnt that what doctors are suppose to do? Can't evrybody see he is just useing people to make large amounts of money for himself with no benefitts to his "patients". Dr. have a big responsibility. Dr. Phill is no where close to living up to that responsibility.

well i gusse you all belive the springer show is better?

ha ha h a.. yea dont for get to get ur daily dose of fox news

you not missing anything the nick name of fox is faux news

I agree. He is an idiot.

Dr Phil is a bully. He rewords what people say and not very accurately. It's all for ratings.

I agree with all of you...and found it hilarious that his muppet is named Dr. Feel!

I have to agree he is a sap. He dishes out common sense advice and these people eat it up. He is not even a real doctor and not qualified to give advice on anything. Maybe Oprah's creation will get canceled.

Oprah is who cursed society with this crap-filled windbag. That's who to blame.

It's tellingly bad when they made a Sesame Street muppet based on him.

I agree. He is an idiot.

Death by excessive taxation is too good for him.

My friend does a classic imitation of him. It's flippin' hilarious. He (Dr. Phil, not my friend) is a jerk. And I hate his voice.

Dr. Phil is no DOCTOR. And isn't he having an affair???<br />
<br />
Nonphysician heal thyself!!!

If only daytime watching people were not insane... then he wouldn't be able to cash in on that. You know, if daytime TV/infomercial watching crazies went away, so would Dr. Phil and Billy Mayes! These people are ruining pleasant TV viewing, and ultimately life as we know it, for the rest of us.

And yet his trite mutterings are lauded as gospel by daytime drama nuts.

Yes and were you all aware he technically isn't even licensed to give out medical advice whatsoever... he is not even a practicing physologist or therapist, nothing but an actor.. pathetic really.

Cosmo: a more appropriate name is "Grandmaster Douchemonger, Killer of Small Children and Animals, Schadenfreudistic Pig, and He The Soulless Troutfucker." but in the interests of brevity, "Douchebag" seems adequate.

Troutfucker-new hilarious word of the day- thank you

His facial ex<x>pressions are always ghastly! Seriously! His eyes nearly pop out of his skull every time he sputters "Get REAL!"