What Was Oprah Thinking?!

If anything, this should've been a clue that Dr. Phil is an opportunistic, idiotic bag of douche:

"In 1989, McGraw was sanctioned by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists for an ethical violation involving a 19-year-old patient and employee...Due to the sanctions, McGraw was unable to practice psychology independently."

He appeared on Oprah's show in '95. This catapulted his "career" (I doubt it should be called career considering he can't technically practice psychology) to such a degree that TV audiences are now exposed to his half-*** assertions and hypocritical condemnations five days a week. Ugh.

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7 Responses Nov 9, 2008

The queen herself ocra was thinking about money, just money. That is all both of them are all about $$$$$$.

he has become comercialized his show is no longer about really helping people but brining on sensational guests that sell ratings and show tickets <br />
<br />
only slightly above morrry povich <br />
only he has a heart for the women who come on testing multiple people as the father<br />
<br />
and he berates people for the wrong things and is a bad shink subltly bad but baaaaaaaaaad

No, he brings people on his show, yells and humiliates them on public television, and *then* sends them to a 'professional'.

he needs some serious help... i am not very fond of him either XD<br />
he could do alot but does nothing to help people.

His voice drives me flippin' crazy. And not in that sexy Irish accent kind of way. Grrr.....<br />
<br />
I hate "Dr." Phil.

He probably thinks the mustache will distract people from what comes out of his mouth.

Speaking of ethical violations...have you seen that piece of **** he calls a mustache? Tom Selleck must have had a heart attack when he first saw THAT monstrosity on TV.