Mr Mcgraw Is An Idiot

I wish he'd just get the hell out of my life. His "advice" is more like degradation, he isn't even a legally practicing Doctor. Everywhere I go, bookstores, TV, even the sides of buses...he's there. I can't take it anymore.

"Get Real!" and **** off, you and Oprah!

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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11 Responses Nov 9, 2008

And give him milk toast to eat.....and

But first, they must prod him with a fluffy pillow. ;-D

No, no....lock him in a room with real psychiatrists who beat him with wiffle bats and call him a loser for eternity. Then, send in the Spears and Simpson families to whine, followed by The Osbournes and Simmons'. Mwhahhahhah!

They'd have to keep teasing an upcoming block of Music videos...THAT NEVER COMES!

I think we should force him to watch the depravity on MTV. The Hills, My Sweet Sixteen......ugh.

Hmmm. "Cavemen" on repeat for eternity...fitting, I think.

Ok, fine. The entire first few episodes of "Cavemen" instead.

With his tendencies, it would probably be like **** for him. ;o

Praise every damn deity for that!<br />
Although, he probably likes crap like Lizzy McGuire. :P

Will Oprah be with him?

His room in hell contains a small, uncomfortable wooden chair, and is outfitted with hundreds of television screens, lining the four walls, playing, non-stop, and at high volumes, back-to-back Lizzy McGuire marathons.<br />
<br />
Also, he'll be forced to wear gimp-gear.