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"Sanctioned by the Texas State Board in 1989 for an “ethical violation” involving an “inappropriate relationship” with a 19-year-old patient, “Dr.” Phil was ******** of his license to practice psychology. (To date, Dr. Phil has not completed the conditions required by the Board of Examiners of Psychologists to regain his license, and remains unlicensed to practice psychology. Anywhere.) This actually turned out to be a positive career development, as it allowed him to enter the prodigiously dickish world of legal consulting.

In 1990, he co-founded Courtroom Sciences, Inc., a firm that advised Fortune 500 companies on how to use psychology to manipulate the justice system. It is through this company that he met Oprah Winfrey, who rewarded him with a recurring segment on her show, even though he really just wanted a Pontiac G6 like she gives everyone else. Every Tuesday for the next several years, Dr. Phil appeared on Oprah as “Relationship and Life Strategy Expert,” qualified by a failed marriage he kept secret for 30 years, plus numerous moral lapses, some illegal."

 That's right. Legally, Fatboy cannot call himself "Doctor". That advice is also pure crap, and his "solid" marriage is for all intents and purposes a sham.

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Wow... I am impressed with you ability to gather the facts on this douchebag. Personally, I was able to gather all the proof I needed from just seeing his act...