Don't Get Me Started.

It was when I saw him talking about teen sex when I was in highschool that I immediately realized I might very well loathe "Dr." Phil.

He tends to make insane blanket judgements.

During said episode he made it very clear that the only reasons teenagers have sex are:

-Girl is pressured into it by boy she likes. He gets what he wants an leaves her. Every time.

-Boys are all sex fiends and only think of sex. EVER.

-All girls regret losing their virginity. ALL of them.

I only got about halfway through the show.

I know a lot of times one only hears about the above situations when teen sex is mentioned. To say that this is the *ONLY* way it ever happens galled me.

I was a teenager when I first had sex. It was beautiful. I was safe, and smart about it. (*GASP*) I don't feel regret whatsoever, nor feel guilty or like a tramp.(UNHEARD OF!) The boy didn't leave ME. 4 years later we're still together! 

I just.....never saw the appeal in bringing people who have problems onto a show to yell at them from a completely onesided point of view THEN send them to professionals. I don't see how that helps at all.

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4 Responses Jan 8, 2009

Come on. Let's give the guy a break. We know his audience has the emotional IQ of a housebrick. (He probably handpicked them). He has no choice but to dumb it down.<br />
<br />
Present 2 sides of a story ? No, too confusing. <br />
<br />
Go into the motivations of WHY someone does what they do ? Of course not. That might make people think. then they'd have to stop watching Dr Phil as they would no longer qualify as unbelievably superficial.

First story I read from this experience that makes sense and has a good point. (well, I only read two others, but...)

hear hear

As long as there are clueless idiots in the world, (fake) Dr. Phil will have a TV show and book line.