"You're only lonely if you're not there for you."

It's not because humans are social animals and need contact? No? It's because I haven't been there for myself. I guess I'll get right on being there for myself. I hate this guy. 

If an alien based their opinion of the United States on this *******, they'd blow our country up. 

The fact that two women have wanted to marry him and one to procreate with him is simply beyond me. That should be good news for the rest of us. If there's somewhere out there for him, there should be for us too, right?

God, I hate this guy.

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what if i throw in some chocolate cake?


Hmm... maybe...

what if i promise to take really good care of my future pets?

Haha... if you worked for an animal charity you would. :)

can i be first inline to all your donations?

Yeah, and people had to pay for those cars in the end anyway. I don't understand why the famous, influential people like Oprah need to be filthy rich. If I had that kind of money, I would donate as much as I possibly could.

Oprah gets cars given to her by GM to "give" away on her show and she's a hero. Let's see her give away a third of her 200 million dollar salary to charity like Angelina Jolie does and get in the dirt and dig along side the people that need help and I will stand up and take notice. She's so carefully managed by P.R. that she might as well be a cardboard cutout.


Now, I really ******* hate Oprah! The way that ***** think she's every woman makes me sick! LOL!

Now now we Texans do not claim him if he shows up at the border I fully intend to either send him packin (thats ifin wez ina good mood) or maybe give him The good ole Unwelcome to Texas Necktie party. OK SOL I've read your bio long time ago when we became friends (now don't go and block me) and it said you disliked country music, yall can't equate him with country music just like Miss K said he's a compleat douchebag!!! He don't know s*** about shinola!

He truly speaks out of his ***. :P

The absolute best is a fat guy who also gives diet advice. What a tool !

I don't make it my business to learn about useless people.

Yep, I'm with you there. He's an ***.

Word! Don't get me started about this knucklehead.

He's a horrible TV "psychiatrist" and friend of Oprah. (Note: I also hate Oprah.) <br />
<br />
In that case, just kill me.

I don't know if the aliens could defeat him simply by blowing us all to hell. He may simply use his make their heads explode with his even more terrifying country music. Then his googly eyes would become as big as saucers and he'd proclaim, "GET REAL!" and thus we'd be stuck with him for another abysmal millennia.

oh, you just reminded me of late nights, freshman year, calling drunk friends, confusing the hell out of them *sigh* = )<br />
<br />

Who is he?

I think he's from Texas. If not, he's lived there at some point. It would make sense. Texas is full of huge douchebags.

Hey! Wtf??? He's from TX and so am I...Phil=douchebag me=not! If your idea about Texas is because of Rick Perry, however, I understand.

agreed, he is a dipshit.

Good for you.

I've hated him since he first showed his ugly mug on TV and started yapping crap from his piehole.

Yeah, the bald fat bastard