He's a Perfect Storm of Douche-baggery

That pretty much sums it up.

VendettA12 VendettA12
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2009

He is a big douche bag. Just one that's **Full of crap!**

The vagina is as sacred as the penis, no more, no less... <br />
<br />
Point taken about the term douche-bag, even though I never considered that to mean vagina, I thought it meant a used douche that has been thrown away. Something that in addition to no longer having a use, also smells.

I appreciate what your saying about him, but I personally take an offence to useing the term douche bag in a negative conotation. The vagina is sacred.

He's a complete moron. He's annoying to listen to. He's annoying to look at. He has his own show. Millions of people actually listen to this idiot's "insights". He's a bloviating waste of oxygen.