there is a woman at work who is the most ignorant woman i have ever met, she insists on watching him with the volume all the way up every afternoon and agrees with everything he says and when the other staff say how stupid some advice is that he has just given she goes absolutely ballistic.

 i hate that he refuses to listen to any of his guests that he thinks aren't living right and when he does finally shut his giant mouth its only to give them a bored unbelieving look while they speak. the man should be outlawed.

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Why is this woman watching TV at work? at full volume?

Psychologists are supposed to listen to people. That's the whole thing. They're only supposed to "offer" solutions when appropriate.<br />
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This guy is just a loudmouthed, bald-headed bastard.<br />
<br />
"Yew dooo this and yew dooo that"...<br />
<br />
I'd never let someone with a goofy southern accent tell me what to do... It's all about ratings. <br />
<br />
Anyone remember that episode of Boston Legal when they had a show akin to his, and Alan Shore quotes the movie Network.<br />
<br />
"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

hahaha, chaoticlove72.. i agree with you .. the war would be over .. ha!<br />
<br />
the guy just doesn't get it sometimes <br />
<br />
i can't stand him personally

Totally agree!<br />
And it's not only he who knows everything - his wife and son whose work he keeps advertising are 100%right as well :)

I like some things he talks about but my boyfriend and family use to know him when he lived here. They say he was completely different back then a real jerk. I don't think anyone knows everything, but I think some know a lot. I don't like or dilike him.

for me....its not just his words...but his voice. I think if we want to win the war on terror...send him to afghanastan...give him a loudspeaker and have him try and help the taliban work through their issues....<br />
<br />
so....why aaarrreee you so angry...lets put the bombs down and talk about it<br />
<br />
War over....

lol bald doesnt bother me<br />
its the fact that he thinks he knows EVERYTHING and he'