I Just Can't Watch Him!

The ex used to say Dr. Phil said this or that...the same with Oprah....I just wanted to scream...Yeah well  Dr Phil could do a year on you buddy!  You won't even have sex with your wife.  You abuse her mentally and physically...  You treat everyone around you as if they aren't good enough to share your air space! 

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14 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Not all negative! PBS..is good!

No try not to watch TV it is all negative.......Statement is truth.

AHHH...CJ...I see that you to have been preached to by someone who watches ....crap on tv

Wow finally a women after my own heart......

I don't get it either...I guess like anything...people hear what they want to hear ....not me..just give it to me straight...don't talk in circles...and don't give me a line of crap that you don't follow either.

His voice just wants me to punch someone in the throat. He's so arrogant and I like he likes to hear himself talk.

He is such a double talker and Oprah is a raciest. Don't know why people got to idolize such crap like that.

Amen to that!

Yes he should not throw stones of people who live in glass houses..

Great rule!

Noneofthat! You are so right!!!!!!!!!!

Hum! To early to respond!

Hey, don't insult the bag like that. What did the bag ever do to you? He's just a douche.

i dont like him much either..he is annoying.he finds an "issue" with anything and everything ppl do...never watched his show never will .HA