Regardless of what my troubles may be I don't need to be yelled at by a bald blowhard with the personality of used car salesman. I can't believe Oprah promoted this schmuck. Not one of her better moves.

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I agree that Dr. Phil is all the things that have been said about him and, also am aware that his confrontational form of counseling isn't appropriate for a large segment of the population. But his effectiveness allows him to do in less than an hour, what other counselors would take many sessions ( and dollars ) to do. Is he egotistical ? Yes. Is he confrontational ? Yes. Is he a showman ? Yes. But, those things are why he's on TV. If he were as bland as most Counselors, nobody would watch him. He was promoted by Opra exactly because he took his confrontational approach with her when she was looking for someone to prepare her for the judicial hearing she had coming up as a result of the comments she had made about dissing hamberger meat on national TV. She was being sued by members of the cattle industry for her remarks. She won the case and was greatful to Dr. Phil for his advise. A lessor counselor would have been eaten up by Opra and his or her advise would have been ineffective. Like him or not, and I have to admit I don't, he's pretty good at what he does.

Oh, thanks for the background. I didn't know where he came from. I can't disagree with your comment. I think there are certain weak personalities out there that love to be bossed around.So I guess,basically, everyone gets what they deserve, or, at least, what they feel they need.

"Personality olf a used car salesman"<br />
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The difference between Dr Phil and Oprah is light years. Dr Phil uses his program as little more than a platform to bully guests, manipulate audiences, and win approval from the brain-dead.<br />
<br />
Oprah allows her guests to tell their story THEIR way. She asks insightful questions and actually has the integrity to identify with their thoughts or behaviour where ever she truthfully can. <br />
<br />
Dr P = Polarisation and more hate in the world<br />
Oprah = Understanding and more love in the world

No. That's just my take on his odd form of therapy.