I Think I Haf Ta Um Go Pee. Um, I Can't Get Up...

Yea the things people do when they can't behave like "proper" adults.  Oh pshaw! Just remember, it comes out in the wash.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Drunk people peeing -- quite often very amusing ... Picture this ... late night, winter, deep snow, damn cold -- tight packed neighborhood near campus -- wood fence belonging to neighboring property -- presense of fence not appreciated by residents of house in question -- 15 --> 20 college age people (men and women) very drunk on much beer pour out the front door, run around to side / back yard by wood fence, line up, unzip (men) or drop pants (women) and simulataneously pee on fence (ex<x>pression of disapproval of fence) ... I have fond memories of being one of the "line up" :-) ... This occurred many times during the course of one winter (most Friday and Saturday nights) ...

I've watched a drunk girl pull her panties down, stand and pee and soak her panties without knowing it. It was funny watching her pull them back up and wobble off.