Makes a Good Excuse

I really don't drink enough to get falling down drunk.  Tipsy for sure, I get giggly, and silly.  

Here is what might happen if I was out drinking. The first time or two that I have to pee I'll make an attempt to get to the bathroom and use a toilet.  Once I get there I'll most likely leave my panty on while I pee.  A couple more drinks, and the urge comes faster.  I won't make it to the toilet now but I'll try.  I'm done by the time I get to the bathroom door, so I turn around and return to my seat.  Another drink or two and I won't even leave my seat.  

But I don't drink that much. So instead, and this is what I really do.  I pretend to be drunker than I am, I don't try to keep up with whoever I'm with, I just act like I am.  That way when I have to go pee, and I end up sitting on the ground, I can wet myself all I want and everyone thinks it is just the alcohol.  I'll be just as silly, and giggly as can be.

The nice thing about drinking is I no sooner get finished peeing, than I have to go pee again.  Talk about a teacup bladder. 

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8 Responses Mar 12, 2009

That's hot

You sound like you would be a fun date. If you want to see really drunk wetting, check out, the previews are so sexy you won't need to join to get a thrill.

your my kind of lady.

I once knew a ladie like you who would act drunk just so she could wet her selfe and no one would care

Your Story makes me think of getting some black trousers and going to a beer bar, witting in a corner and drinking a pitcher of cold dark beer, then peeing my pants which no one would notice since they are black and the bar would be dimly lit. It sounds so exotic and arousing, I hope I have the nerve to do it. If I do, Rachael, I want you to know it was you who inspired me.

Great idea, Rachael. Whiskey for all the troops!!!!!!

Yeah, that's what I meant by excuse.<br />
<br />
I prefer to keep my wettings secret, Drunk wetting is seen as not being my fault. So if someone sees it happen, it just isn't that big of a deal. The one time I can wet and show off too. Uh, it really doesn't happen that often either.

Hi, Rachel. There have been a few times where I've played this kind of game. Peeing is definitely more easily explained when alcohol is involved!

MMmmm -- if I went out drinking with you, I would let you sit on my lap ... and what would you like -- I'm buying ... more champagne perhaps? ;-)