That Cut Needs Stitches

Three years ago a friend and i were just starting out on a bicycle trip from DC to Pittsburgh. I had been up over 24 hours and was not at my best when i was using a very sharp knife to cut through heavy plastic. It seemed to give all at once and the blade went into my palm into the bone.
My friend a fire captain and a certified EMT said it needs stitches. I have my first aid kit, but that is too big and too deep. I could just imagine waiting in an emergency room to get stitched up. I did not drive all night for this type of delay.
We found some water and washed it off and you guessed it used duct tape to hold it closed.
Would not recommend this for all cuts, but it worked for me.
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It's the "S" on your chest that keeps you going. HUH... wait.. S can mean many things, now can't they dear? lol... (hug) I wouldn't of let it slow me down neither if I was on a trip like that.

wow that great it scary to get such a deep wound!

It was a little when i was trying to

Did you end up getting stitches or did you just keep the wound closed with duct tape until it healed? I'm just thinking about getting the tape off the wound to get it stitched... ouch!

The trip took 5 days out and back. I rebandaged every other day with duct tape putting a hankerchief against the wound. No stitches were needed.

wow. Thats determination. I'm glad it all worked out for you.That is a good story.

Thank You for reading!

I have heard of this solution before. I will keep it in mind and my duct tape handy.

Thanks; hopefully you will never need it, but it can really help if you do.