Duct Tape Wallets

My wife is Girl Scout leader for our daughters Troop. For a Christmas project, they are making wallets for homeless men out of Duct Tape. The idea is to provide a dry place for them to keep and ID and papers. They actually work terrific and don't look bad either. Is there anything that can't be done with a little duct tape?
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I thought it was duck tape. Quack, quack. I always wondered how you'd use it on a duck ... ?

I really like this idea. All we made in girl scouts were folded newspaper "sit-upons"! But, I grew up deprived....duct tape wasn't available for the masses yet :-)

Well, I do have a faint memory of it being around the furnace pipes in the basement, but I don't think the government had approved it for non-professional use yet ;-)

It was first called duck tape. It was made for the military during WWII. It was sticky and webbed and really fowl. Flown to the south for the winter. Duct tape was used as a decoy.

Live and learn, ronanp. Live and learn.

*fait une révérence*.... hehe

I curtsied to you, sir.... :-)

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Duct tape fixes Everything.....they should call it 'Magic tape' heehee

How cool!! My hubs swears by DT!!

My daughter & son have made several out of colored duct tape! Amazing how good they are and look good.

my dad does this when his wears out . . . that would not be so bad except he also does it to his jacket . . . my brother does his shoes with it . . . ahhh . . . my family . . . always a source of pride . . . hahaha . . . I love 'em . . . 8D

to fix . . . nothing creative or a snappy fashion statement . . . simply to fix the tears and get more life out of it . . . I don't know what my brother is thinking . . . but he is another case under the roof . . . in all laughs . . . I do love them silly . . . 8D . . . as I am sure I keep em rolling on the floor too . . .hahaha . . .

my dad is a cop . . . he also uses duct tape for everything . . . so one year for christmas I made him a duct tape gun for his holster . . . so he is always prepared . . . hahaha . . . 8D

of course . . . I do nothing half way . . . 8D