United States Backs Drunk Driving

Of all crimes in the United States, DUIs are the most political; dare I even say controversial. If the United States were serious about curtailing drunk driving they should implement a zero tolerance policy throughout all 50 states - period. I can't tell you how many coworkers (I've worked in marketing and accounting firms) confided in me that they have a DUI - some even multiple offenders. These people are not criminals – they are hard working Americans, raking in 70 or 100K a year that thought three beers or a couple glasses of wine wouldn’t land them in a holding cell. The ultimate question remains: why does the United States continue to allow people to drive under the influence? If the effects of alcohol are known to impair judgment then why uphold a law that asks those who have consumed alcohol to self-assess whether or not they are legally fit to drive? Someone try and demonstrate to me how this is not enticing people to get screwed.
DUIs are quite simply a cat and mouse game. Get into your car after a couple drinks and it begins: (i) check your rear view mirror, (ii) chew some gum, (iii) turn on the A/C and use your turn signals cause it’s on! If you work in corporate America or high profile sales you've been there.
MADD has the right idea, but they are borderline fanatical - not to mention their own leadership can’t stop from drunk driving : http://www.actionnewsjax.com/content/topstories/story/MADD-member-arrested-for-DUI/nTx20U0OEkCJmBwqqXDMJg.cspx. I feel for MADD as an organization, it’s just too bad they deny having become an instrumental cog in the DUI racket. Instead of giving cops bonuses, why don’t they take on industries that continually allow the US to endorse drunk driving? Instead MADD get’s guys like me with .08 BACs who will the charge thrown out anyhow because we can afford decent lawyers. If MADD really wanted to curtail the problem, they would go straight to the heart of the problem: Capitol Hill.
DUI prevention campaigns are a, excuse my use of language, ******* joke. If DUI activists were serious about curtailing drunk driving they should explain that if you get caught: (i) you will never get a government job; (ii) you will SUBSTANCIALLY reduce your employability; (iii) suffer DSM category psychological disorders ranging from anywhere from boarder-line clinical depression to hypertensive anxiety disorder; (iv) this will stay on your record for 10 years; (v) you will not get insurance discounts for 10 years; (vi) if and when you get caught hundreds of record checking pay sites will have registered your arrest so no matter if it gets expunged your future employers will find out about it…
I could go on for days. Those are just the few I thought would grab your attention. Look, I’m talking from experience here, I have been in the system not to mention I also have a Masters of Science degree in a highly sought after field from a reputable American university, work experience and perfect credit. Yet, some employers denied me employment because what DUI commercials don’t tell you is that now – you are a statistic. HR departments around the world are modernizing recruiting efforts with complex IT systems and if you have a DUI, you’re in it. Your DUI statistically shows that you are more prone to cost the company productivity, health care and morale.
The laws that currently still allow drunk-driving are upheld by various interests actively lobbying all facets of local state and federal law. These interests are comprised of the liquor, entertainment and restaurant industries – who else. Don’t believe me take a look: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/highway/stories/hwy032698.html. The only thing you should be appalled by is that the US still allows drunk driving for economic reasons.
Truth be told, the United States wants people to drink and drive – they even told you that if your blood alcohol level is .08 you can go ahead and take the wheel. You feel fine right? But wait, just to be sure you wouldn’t happen to have an Intoxilyzer 8000 in your car would you? Wait, the US said you could operate a vehicle with a BAC of less than .08 but you don’t have a calibrated instrument to test this? No? Don’t worry. Every police cruiser in the United States does.
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I totally agree with this post , DUI laws are a bit over the top .
Tap414 you need to come down off your high horse , I can tell you that I have been an active firefighter volunteer for 13 yrs , work for a utility co , have been first responder to numerous vehicle accidents as a result. In this time I have witnessed more fatalities from excessive speeding , drowsiness , unattenetive drivers that had 0% bac .believe me you are putting your kids at risk everytime they get in the car . I am not promoting drunk driving by all means . I do agree that the DUI laws and punishment surpass that of what the crime is . Yes a drunk with an excessive BAC level crashing into a car killing people is and should be felony duii . Jail , loss of license , and all that comes with it , a person with a .08 is not likely to kill yours or anyone else's family anymore than a dad being distracted by his child in the backseat throwing a fit while operating a vehicle

This is an old post but I wanted to respond because I share your opinion. Thanks to MADD the DUI laws in my state are a money machine. My lawyer laid it out for me plain; despite taking the initiative to get months of rehab treatment and doing service in my community the DA won't give one ounce of slack. DUIs are a jackpot in my state. I agree with what I'm reading here that the penalty is massive fines and license suspension with treatment as an afterthought. You don't get an ignition interlock until your second DUI. If we were serious about getting drunks off the road your first offense would warrant a breathalyzer to start your car. The license suspension would be done away with so your career isn't ruined (you have to get to work to pay those cash register fines). Thanks to MADD's efforts the laws are all about vengeance and cash. MADD's founder left the organization in disgust that they'd lost their way. A DUI can indicate a serious problem that should be treated. However, I disagree that it should brand you with a scarlet letter that will cost you friends, jobs, insurance, and so much else.

If you are grown enough to drink- you are grown enough to call a cab. Simple solution: dont drink! Or drink at home. Man up and accept responsibility for the danger you pose as a drunk driver. Do you think you will feel the same when a drunk wrecks into your car killing your 3 kids? How about your pregnant wife?

If you have a master's but cant determine if driving drunk is a good idea- maybe thats the reason for passing you on a job.


This kind of harassment will go away soon, there is a republic for the American people forming. They are the new government but the news is trying to suppress the news but it is getting out. Once enough people catch on the news will have to report it and all of the people in the world will collectively realize how unreliable local media is... We are living in a great time, better than when the country was originally founded... History is being made :)) here is their website. They do roundtables they support a transparent govt so every week anyone can listen in or even comment. They have a president congress and a senate ready to go. haha sorry I am totally stoked... <br />
<br />
republicoftheunitedstates. org

Agreed completely. It's funny how some people are so quick to judge, they equate a DUI with a serious crime, like rape or battery assault. I mean how many people can say that they have NEVER taken the wheel with alcohol in their system, not many and those who do are probably lying. It's all about money when it comes to DUI laws, since you have to pay out the *** to the state and your insurance. Seriously, if MADD is so bent on preventing drunk driving then they should be lobbying in congress to have mandantory interlock ignition installed on every vehicle. There you go, problem solved, no more drunk drivers that may accidently hit their kid or grandma or something. But no that would require logic and common sense t solve this issue and all MADD wants to do is ostracize people for drunk driving and put them in prison for life. What MADD doesn't realize is that many, many productive members of society have DUIs like doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, nurses, CEOs, politicians, the list could go on and on because a DUI is so common. I guarantee if you randomly select 50 people in the US, chances are that between 5-10 of them would have a DUI on their record at some point. People with DUIs are not criminals or a menace to society, they simply made a mistake and had to pay harsh consequences for it.