When I first discovered EP years ago, it was cool---seems like I found dozens of people with similar interests. Now it seems as if I am a loner if I am not 18-21 and having relationship angst or 40-50 and in a sexless marriage. I read the stories and questions and wonder if I can relate to anyone.
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I agree. I joined 2 years ago and made many friends that I had a lot in common with. Would spend hours chatting. Now most people can barely hold a conversation if it isn't about sex. I still have a few good friends but I wonder where all the sane people went :(

All of the sane people left because they were getting their stories deleted by EP peeps.

Yep, that and all the teenagers

I don't mind them as much as some of the others but do admit I can get annoyed with some of the teens that post the same things over and over looking for attention. To be honest some of the adults do that to though lol

What gets me is when they insert themselves in an adult subject and then ask that I explain my response. Ummmm....not here to educate them on that kind of stuff which is why I believe EP should have a separate site for them to enjoy and allow us to enjoy this one.

Or complain about adult content and language when they are doing the same thing.

LOL....Yes!!! What's with that?

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