I Want One To Carry My Child

There is no doubt within my mind that an east Indian woman not only carries the most sex appeal, but the most delectable charm and the most exotic features. Drenched with culture and oozing with seductive attraction from every nook and cranny brings a man, like myself, to his most primal state of uncontrollable urges. To have sex, to spread his seed and repeating that process as much as possible are those primal urges that spark my virile drive into an all consuming wild fire.

Such a woman, who's very aura can already set my heat in ablaze, is inevitably the ideal vessel for my future offsprings (and lots of them). If an east Indian woman, whom I only knew for a minute, would of asked me to make her a mother, I would wipe out my whole month long schedule, travel as far as possible and spend every day and every week giving her load after load of my seed in her belly for a successful pregnancy. And I would give her my contact info afterwards in hopes she would be a potential "customer."

I would even be willing to spend time with the kids if that would mean another session with her and a week full of barebacking. In short, I want to have lots of kids with an east Indian woman... Or maybe more than one woman.... I'm that into them.
Joe808 Joe808
22-25, M
May 21, 2012