I Hate The New Inspector!!

when i com back in time and try to figure out when i started to love the English language this much i really cant remember!!!i lost track v time!!! iv always been in love with Shakespear's lang!!!my most fav hobby as burying myself in book!! u can call me a book worm cuz am really one!!!!then after my bac i choose to study english litt, and now am one enthusiastic teacher!!! high school teacha!!i love my job, i lov my students, i always try to innovate, make v th english hour a funny one, am working hard on worksheets, materials in the target language, i feel suffused with a glow v contentement everytime one v my low achiever students improves!!! i was happy with all the previous supervisors, they used to attend my sessions and praise my potential and most v all like th way i approache teaching,  until this year!!!!
one ugly, hateful and .....................new supervisor showed up!!! and guess what did he do first things in his carrier as inspector he just came to see me t work!!!!
nothing was gd, everything was all bad, i am bad, i teach wrong..u shd hav done this, u shd hav done that, instead v teachin this like u did why didnt u do ...God!!! he almost drove me crazy!!! he praised another teacher an old one, mor experienced one and then he just added him half a mark, the poor one was out v his mind!!! he called him names and emailed him a veryharsh email!!!
i wonder what was he trying to prove? by discouraging us? esp me, who still in her first years v teaching, i feel i need every encouragement not this bad and hauty treatement!!!!
that's why i hate him!!!
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2 Responses Dec 29, 2010

Your love for your subject area and for your profession comes through in this story. Setbacks do happen; ours is a profession in which we have to be subject to criticism. That is how we grow, and it is how professional standards are maintained. Just take out anything helpful he said and disregard the rest. Results speak for themselves.

sorry : when i go back in time......