Education is important for our society and for each person in it.

The traditional way of getting an education is by attending school, college, or university. But there are other ways to learn about a subject, to absorb knowledge. We can study at home, with a definite plan or no plan at all.

But the most common form of education we get, whether or not we realize it at the time, is from everything we do. We learn continuously from our own experiences.

We will never know everything. But, more importantly, we will never know every subject that is there is to be known.

I believe that each of us, and thereby our society, will not grow so much unless we each acknowledge that there ought to be no limit to our experiences. By avoiding experiences, we are saying that ignorance is more important than education, that we already know all we need to know and nothing else can ever be important.

We can travel, read, talk to others, look around... just try to have experiences that you might feel uncomfortable with, and you will learn. You will learn there is no place for prejudice, but everywhere there is room for acceptance. No place for dictators, but everywhere room for equality. No place for power, unless it is power over oneself. I'd prefer infinity over ignorance any day, and wish that our society placed a greater value on experiences than it did on some other things... such as television, movies, personalities.

If we are entitled to anything, it is to be all that we can be, with no limits.
represcent represcent
May 6, 2012