Love Education

One must have this innate feeling of going to school not because they have to but because it is the best thing to do. The responsibilities might be too many to handle , but sooner one will realize how education can change one's life. The goodness of belief that not everybody are given the opportunity to be in school is such a major reason why one shouldn't. Education has no disadvantages. It is merely about generosity by feeding one's mind. One might find it difficult to go any further without proper education and assistance. Luckily, there are those people or children who can manage by their own diligence in work.

Blessed are the people who have, and hoping they can extend the blessing to others in small ways.

Never be boastful, but be giving.

I hated waking up early and going to school everyday when I was little but now I don't have a choice because I ended up graduating with a bachelor in education.

But still I'm thankful, I have seen the priorities I should set to start the change.

Life is meaningful, so as education.
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Sep 15, 2012