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I'm very vocally against structured schooling for everyone. I'm against schools as they are right now completely. I don't think formal education is important at all. It can help, or it can hinder, depending on the person. But education isn't just school as I'm sure you know, it's also what you read, what you learn from life and other people, TV and the internet, books, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, and so much more. Education is what you get whenever you learn something you didn't previously know. And it's defiantly an important thing.

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Aside from Angela's own mastery of the English language (pont = point / very vocally = very vocal) there are other points that need to be taken into account when considering the pros/cons of any educational system. We are in an age where we have access to more information then ever before in history, so much so in fact that it is very easy to become confused. Formal education gives a platform from which to start sorting through this information to allow a person to make informed decisions about themselves and the world around them.As a parent I know that I have a great deal to offer my children, but I also know that my own knowledge is limited and can only supplement what is given in school. Given that now most "entry level" jobs require a minimum of a high school graduation, it is in the best interest of people to get as much of an education as possible to insure a prosper future, that they agree or disagree with what they have learnt is actually a plus as it shows that they have not only learned something but have done so in a way that allowed them to have thoughts of their own about it.

You know they didn't have spell check in-browser when I posted this, and typos do happen. There's a difference between a typo and not knowing how to spell something. Actually I test off the charts in my mastery of english. If you want to nit-pick though, most entry level jobs I see on the market these days require more than high school. And whether a job requires a piece of paper or not, doesn't say anything about the value of that piece of paper, it says more about the trust the employer has in the piece of paper. And that trust is misplaced a lot of the time because just having completed a degree doesn't mean you know any more that someone who studied the same subject in their own time for free

i don't understand what you mean Penguin. many of history's gratest minds were drop outs. often because the disagreed with the schooling system and/or with the facts being taugh and they were later proven to be right

Our school system and government mandates do need work!

I mostly agree....except that formal education is important.<br />
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Education encompasses way more than just what we study (or are forced to study) in school. And it is much healthier to appreciate learning opportunities throughout life. I also agree that the traditional formal education path is not for everyone and should not be considered the end all be all.<br />
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However, advancements & improvements via medicine, technology, social awareness, etc. is best achieved through Educational Institutions that are structured & regimented. Not everyone has to be involved, but we are collectively better off having formal education around.<br />
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Believe it or not, as a society we benefit when students and researchers (who followed the formal path) dedicate their time to improving the status quo. If they too shunned formal education, then we would lose decades of (if not centuries) of "advancements" that we often just take for granted.<br />
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Just some food for thought, thanks for sharing