Why Education Makes a Difference

I believe that being educated, especially in a liberal arts setting, opens a person's mind to a certain degree.  I feel that through the courses you take and the experiences you undergo, communication skills are better, prejudices are lessened...because prejudice is really about ignorance, and your views on the world become more open and accepting.  I wish an education on everyone!  


It has recently come to my attention though, no matter how much you try to encourage your friends, if they are not interested in this path and you try to promote it, they are offended.  It is so frustrating when this innocent encouragement on ones part can be so thouroughly misconstrued. 

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2 Responses Dec 4, 2008

I couldn't agree more with your opinion about the liberal arts. There's not the demand for Liberal Arts grads as there is for grads in the sciences but, the rewards of enlightenment more than make up for the disparity in wages, unless your young and raising a family. While earning a degree with math as my major, I found that I was really drawn to the Humanities. But, at the time I was the young guy who as raising a family. However, many years later I was able to follow my interests in liberal arts and that allowed me to spend the rest of my "working " life doing what I truly enjoyed.<br />
But, you're point of people disliking being told about how they would be better of with a lib. arts education is well taken. One has to be self motivated to put forth the effort to accomplish higher education. I'll be forever gratful that I had that motivation.<br />
Thanks for your post.

i too believe education can make a whole world of difference so ill do anything to get it. i know how important it is especially in a world such as this one with advance in technology. i really want to go to college, but im unable to pay and i cant depend on my family because they have already refuse to support me. please vote for me so i can win a scholarship @ http://www.wyzant.com/scholarships/v2/essay49296-Ellenwood-GA.aspx<br />
VOTE PLEASE. i promise it wont take up too much of your time. we need more like minded people to support kids to continue their education. thanks in advance.

You now have 259 votes ! I went to the site you referenced and voted for you. I hope you make it. Never give up. That's easy to do. Facing the obsticals head on is difficult but rewarding. I refer you to the two education stories I have written in hopes it will give you inspiration to carry on in spite of the dificulties thrown at you. See A Freindly Gester and Life's Twists by Zbignue. Good luck.