So Versatile

She not just a film star, but a very talented actress, able to play so many different roles.  I was very impressed with her work in Hard Candy...that was a tough role to play.

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that's such good film.

I loved her in Juno.

:-) I like that description.

It may be revealing that my husband has a serious crush on Ellen Page, too. He calls her that 'sharp little knife of a girl.'

Hard Candy was amazing. I was at the edge of my seat during that movie, freaking out about what she was going to do to that guy. (not something many movies can make me do) She was brilliant in that role. It made me feel a little weird about Patrick Wilson afterward, even though I know it was just a role he took and not actually him.

So true he was just acting. it it was a good film. did you like the castration bit and how she talking him into killing himself at the end?

Yes. It really raised lots of issues about appropriate response to abuse, both at a societal and a personal level.

It truly did. And I like how there's really no "hero" in the movie. Both characters have their flaws, their "evils". One worse than the other, but both very abusive in their own way.

I was amazed the movie got made, but it needed to; it carried a powerful message.

"Hard Candy" was a great movie. Hard to watch since it was so intensely emotional. Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson were both amazing.