I Think Elton John Is Gay

But then again I'm not compleately sure.....LOL
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elton john been gay since his youth. and he briefly married a women in early 80s, no kid thought my mom said he had a daughter, but i can't find the proof of that. however hes a proud papa to little benny! soo cute. he married his partner david furnish.and they been together for many years if i remember correctly it was 1994 when they met thorugh friends<br />
oh yeah, i am a biggest fan

Isn't this seriously old news? Wasn't there some broohaha about Eminem singing with Elton at the Grammys or the Emmys or whatever a while back? They though Eminem would make his usual gay bashing raps or something. Anyhoo, Elton has some hits that's for sure.

He's "married" to David Furnish - so yep, that makes him gay :)

O RLY? hahahahahha Roflcopter :P XD

I think so to , like Libaracie