I Am Not A Robot!

If we didn't feel anything, wouldn't we just be robots?..

Although emotions can be a big pain in the *** a lot of the time, I am glad and proud to own them! I would rather feel depressed then numb any feeling what so ever... (which is why I wont take medication for depression, though I am not against others taking this step of action.)

I am a very sensitive person (overly), but I don't show this often... if you know me then you probably have offended me in some small way! but that's okay I wont hold it against you, seeing as its with want of a better word a problem I have... although that isn't a very good word at all cause I don't see it as a problem its a mixed blessing but definitely a precious gift, I am very artistic when it comes to things I could be offended or  worried about.

I am lucky to experience the emotions that are effecting me and I also feel the emotions in place of others as well, I think it is important that we don't fear what we feel but instead fear what we don't.

"If you didn't love so much you wouldn't care so much
if you didn't care so much you wouldn't feel so much
if you didn't feel so much you wouldn't hurt so much
If you didn't hurt so much you wouldn't care so much
if you didn't care so much you wouldn't mean so much..."


so there we have it... I like to think, feel and care about stuff... I like to have emotions without discriminating the bad from the good, I like having a wide vocabulary of emotions and I like being sensitive..   These things make me feel alive :)
Any emotion can be used to be constructive it is only ourselves who make them destructive, and we have all been guilty of that I am sure, such as if your angry you can learn from the anger, and try and figure out why and then avoid doing this next time or make things even its only when you reflect apon it in a bad way and then use the emotion as your basis to be violent or something that a constructive emotion turns destructive.

And.... these are all things we should learn from, there is a lesson in what we feel and we should acknowledge it.

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I think I got that quote wrong cause I used care twice... but cant find it now to put it right! :(