Almost a Year

I think that I am at or almost at the one year mark since I met Emptyheart.  At first it was just two people than would occasionally see each other on line and say hello.  I remember commenting on a picture of hers where she was dressed up to keep warm and yet she looked so calm and cool.  I got caught up in some drama here on EP and canceled my account, leaving EP.  EP is one of those good addictions that you can't just walk away from.  I stayed away for about 3 days then I came back.  One of the cool things about EH is that she remembers her friends.  It was a couple of weeks later I got a letter (on EP) from her asking what happened and why I wasn't on her friends list.  I related a bit of what had happened, she didn't judge me, she told me that you have to be careful on EP.  A real friendship developed at that point.  We talked about our families, our children, dreams and nightmares.  After a few months we came to the conclusion that in a past life we must have been twins.  EH is my Twin in this life even though we are 4 years apart in age and grew up on different sides of the states, I still think of her as my twin sister.  Our families have now become friends and for that I will forever be thankful.  I want my twin sister to know how proud I am of her and how much love and respect I have for her and her husband.  She is a great person, thank you for being my friend.   Andy 
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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

What a journey it has been. Wow, a year already. They say time flies when your having fun. Thank you so much for the past year and thank you in advance for the rest yet to come.