The Founder Of This Group Is A Douche Bag

come on you gotta agree with that

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I agree that English should be our official language. <br />
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Our country has been invaded by immoral illegal aliens from all over the world. They are destroying our great country economically and culturally. They refuse to learn english, as we ALLOW them to have foreign language TV. They hate Americans and our way of life, so they refuse to mold into our melting pot.<br />
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Most Mexican immigrants are failures in their home countries, because they are lazy and look for the easy way. Their homelands are filled with factory jobs that had once been held by Americans on US soil. They enter the US illegally, because entering the US legally requires some effort and they want the easy way. They don't value education and, consequently, neither do their children. Many look to crime instead of work that requires education and training. They’re looking for the easy way.

i think the title of this story completely honest. Why would anyone want to be apart of a society thats all the same even if it is just about the language being the same. Making english 100% of the language takes away from peoples originality in my opinion. I live with someone who says if u come here speak english...its just the story

yep your right :-D

I think the name being changed may have had somthing to do with records, as you know the names had meaning and what it truly represented. The important thing is we never forget our roots

Redtail i agree with you being Part Seminole myself :-) all that was brought to native americans was Death and fake friendship so ppl could take what they wanted from them.<br />
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I was watching a show and there was a native american man and his wife and his Freakin name was EARL i was just like wow how sad lol

I agree, why would anyone choose english as the primary language when my people lived here long before anyone came over on the mayflower? what did it bring my people? nothing but sickness and took out own native language away. So you tell me, where is the logic in your comment?