Foreign Language Tv Should Be Banned For The Good Of All.

We allow lazy non-English speakers to wallow in their ignorance by allowing foreign language TV to operate in the United States. It may sound like I'm being racists, hateful and cruel, but I'm not. Non-English speakers spend hours a day watching TV. If we allow them to just watch foreign language programs they'll just conform, settle in and make do. They'll just continue to be a burden on society rather than try to learn the language and assimilate.

Many immigrants, particularity Mexicans, are failures in their home countries, because they are lazy and look for the easy way. Their homelands are filled with factory jobs that had once been held by Americans on US soil. They enter the US illegally, because entering the US legally requires some effort and they want the easy way. They don't value education and, consequently, neither do their children. Many look to crime instead of work that requires education and training. They’re looking for the easy way.
TheGreenGringo TheGreenGringo
18-21, M
Oct 21, 2011