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No I disagree! English Should Not Be The Only Official Language So Unless Your Related To These Guys Shut Up About It!

I think it's a shame we only have one official language here in the US, while in other areas of the world, like europe people speak 2 or more languages!  We are a nation of immigrants, a melting pot..and saying there can only be one official language goes against this.  
Also note...If you want to get technical about it,  Apache, Cherokee and Lakota are among 3 of the real American native languages that we should have been all taught to speak!
There are over 500 indigenous Native American tribes in the US here, they are the only real true Americans that were here first! I think we should have  a lot more than one official language!
So don't go giving me that english only purist crap! Unless your related to these guys in the photos, which I suspect MOST OF YOU ARE NOT!

SpiceZ SpiceZ 56-60, F 3 Responses Feb 16, 2013

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One for all and all for one. Equality, is democratic. No one is greater than the other.

I could like this a hundred times and feel it would need more hearts. I agree with you completely. The US should not be a single language nation when even those in the Middle East speak Arabic and other variants of the language as well as some English. Then when you meet most Americans abroad they know nothing but how to speak English and that isn't even 100% anymore.

The US is a multicultural nation and should show its willingness to learn of other cultures and languages.

Exactly....You got that right!

The United States doesn't actually have an official language. Some states list English as their official language but the country as a whole doesn't have an official language.

I realized that....but my POINT was directed at those who think that english should be the only official language, sorry you missed the point.