Enforce Your Own Guidelines Please!!

How many violent groups have to be created. How many threats of Violence have to be written Before the admins at EP actually do something.

Please do not wait until the police come knocking at your door asking to pull up an account because of an ongoing investigation.

Get ride of these people they are using this site to troll for victims!!


Community guidelines say :

No Hate: Content against another member or group of people (ethnicities, cultures, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) is NOT allowed.

also we are not allowed duplicate accounts.

these are YOUR rules. enforce them!

This site is so diseased it is so far from it's original mission it is sickening. You have groups with dark fantasies where people want to kill, rape and mutilate women and children this isn't harmless not by a long shot. you have violent commentary that I KNOW has been flagged yet the culprit is still posting on violent and hateful as ever. You think you are not responsible because of your disclaimer but you indeed are, that disclaimer will mean little if someone is harmed because you did not live up to your own guidelines. The writing is literally on the wall, I beseech the admins of EP do something before someone is hurt. please take these reports seriously and do what is right.

CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
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*Que super hero music* lol not really just doing my part , we all have a responsibility to one another. We all should do what is right and speak up when we see something is wrong.

Thanks for posting this story, as well as, one on cyber safety tips. <br />
<br />
You are one Mighty Mouse...<br />
<br />
You've come to save our EP Day!!!

YES it must be FLAGGED not just Block the offender. If ep is not alerted by blocks. only FLAGGS. <br />
and your right, as soon as it become a *** for tat the battle is lost and the offender gets exactly what they wanted. If we all just say Hey we arn't going to play along. then you take the steam right out of them. KUDOS Dream wizard. I did add the story regarding general cyber tips. for everyone.

I agree with you cheeky but sometimes I am quite surprised on how the "popularity or celebrity" of a person can rule over common sense of the general population.<br />
<br />
I have witnessed EP jailing a person only to have numerous members band together in protest and write stories and blogs about how "unfair" or "ridiculous" the block or jail penalty was to the banned member when in actuality these people protesting have:<br />
1) little information on the cause of the ban or <br />
2) mis-information from the perpetrator for being jailed or<br />
3) no clue as to why the person was jailed in the first place. <br />
<br />
I have seen when a person get's jailed, they typically "lie" about why they were jailed by distorting and mitigating the facts. Immediately, members believe the person jailed over the discretion of EP administrators. They post their comments and go on bashing the EP administration as being wrong when they don't even know the situation. <br />
<br />
I only suggest to members that when they see someone has been banned to not immediately dismiss the fact that this person was banned for a very valid reason. Instead of immediately thinking it is an "unjust" ban or believing the story of jailed person perhaps if they simply looked further into the situation, they would soon uncover the truth to the matter. <br />
<br />
Each of us, an EP member, can as an individual be "supportive" in calling out bad behavior at the get go so that we can prevent perhaps a full blown "riot" later on. If we flag or confront inappropriate behavior at first appearance. Inappropriate behavior, is not someone with an opposing view. I am referring to actual threats to a person, or consistent provocation or abuse of another. If we band together as a community we can put pressure on this person(s). Not necessarily attacking back but perhaps if as a group replying with the same comment: "TWUF" (That was uncalled for) to their posts so that others become aware of this persons behavior. Hopefully if enough people say "Enough is Enough" this person(s) will change their behavior or be ostracized by the majority.

Notg ~ you are right in being VERY careful about posting pics. I have my personal pic where only my circle can see it but I posted several pics I love of my friends openly and next thing I knew some on this site thought they had the right to lift them and use them as avatars for themselves or groups. Twice I have found a pic of my friends on other's My Space pages and etc. and ended up being forced to hide all my pics or remove them. It is not just for ourselves that we are fighting the trolls on this site, it is for you and all those young people we care about.

Hate in any form should NEVER be tolerated by bystanders!

missed a key word I meant to say it is NOT about being offended. :) *goes to find reading glasses*

mewol is correct I am an adult i have my filters off. I should not have to be an ostrage in order to read grown up things. this is about being offended This is a question of safty. This isnt even an issue of free speech, as your rights end where mine begin. Everyone has a Right to LIFE, liberty and the prosecute of happiness. LIFE being the key word here. A murderous predator torlling for victoms right to solicit permission do not override my right to LIFE! <br />
<br />
This story itself serves as a petition. A legal petition requires ones real and legal name, that is not wise nor fesable here. I have sent a link to this story to EP admin. I ask that anyone who feels strongly to to the same. Also Flag these people rather them merely Block them. if they are only blocked they fall through the cracks and stalk other victoms. if YOu flag them EP is forced to at least look at the report. <br />
<br />
as far as a registry. we have this (thank you Kittinchenel)<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/Welcome-You-To-Neighborhood-Watch/309395" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
thank you everyone. and if all else fails and nothing is done. I just might build my own damn site. I will not allow my soul to fester in poison. <br />
<br />
Thank you again EVERYONE!

<br />
<br />

If you have the "Adult" filter turned on, you can escape these things, but you will also miss some very worthwhile adult themes.

Cheeky, I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it....that guy actually told ep what he wanted to do and they didn't care.....it was posted for all to see. OMG! I want to say thank you to you and all those who are responding to your story....at least some of us care. I don't have my "mature filter" turned on but I didn't think I would have to filter out rapists and pple who want to murder and then have sex with the dead body!! That is beyond the pale!!!!

I agree with everything that has been said here. But I think Don Queoty would have also. Parden my spelling. I need to invest in a dictionary.

Here, here ladee56, :-) What an excellent idea, that way everyone can sign the petition, i for one am in favour of that! That seems the only way it can be achieved!,. Well done ladee56 :-)

dang.crazy stuff.

Thank yo for posting the link to your story. Hopefully the EP admins will take this problem seriously and take some Real steps to fix this before someone gets hurt.

They have to be Joking..... that dewd filled some sort of questionare for EP actually said he wants to stabb a woman.... This guy is close to acting on it. he is looking for permission and I see there are a few people egging him on. OMG !!!!!!

Thanks Trooper. I am glad I'm not the only one, who thinks that one fellow is looking to act on his impulses.

Giggles told me about some of the stories on here Cheeky and you can considered them flagged by me, too. I found them more than disturbing and can't believe admin. isn't on to it and banning them. I don't want my daughter on here running into people like that or reading those type blogs and stories. One of them sounds like he is going to act on his thoughts and that is on ep's head if he does. He's been reported and hopefully they will do something.

I flagged him too. For crying out loud there are kids on this site!!!

Yes, Cheeky told me about bellystabber and it actually gave me chills just thinking he is out there trying to make "friends" with people on this site. I flagged him and I hope everyone flags that guy. He's very dangerous.

they are not the worst of them there is someone called bellystabber OMG his blog will turn your stomach.

Exactly. this isn't about being prudish. diaper wearers and pudding bather and the like fall under that category of "that just isnt for me" This is about the Violent predators that mean people real physical harm.

Yeah, for my brother A. I am happy Cheeky can count on you! This is totally out of hand and I am scared to stay on EP if this keeps up.

Count me on your side, Cheeky!

i can't believe what i've seen on ep lately about the horrible violent groups, and stories.<br />
<br />
i'll definetly flag any that i come across

It is. We can all keep it at, if they won't do anything about it, at least we can keep an eye on it

I posted an open question as well.

I know but it's worth a try. If we all pass this on to our circle and we join together maybe something will be done.

brave and good luck getting them to react at all to this...it's like banging our heads against a brick wall :(

Bravo Cheeky! I totally agree. At some point the police will come knocking because some woman was raped or murdered due to some sick fantasy being lived out....Kudos for this post!